Welcome to Monroe County Garden Club

Trollius Chinensis 'Golden Queen'

Eastern Monroe County Library
1102 N. 9th St
Stroudsburg, PA  18360

Founded in 1927
Federated in 1930

Garden Club Federation of PA
Central Atlantic Region
District ll/llll of the GCFPA

Monroe County Environmental
Education Center
Monroe County Conservation Camp

Stroud Mansion Garden
AWSOM Shelter Garden

To stimulate the knowledge of
gardening, aid in the preservation
of native plants and birds, and to
encourage interest in
community beauty.


We hope you will join us at the Eastern Monroe County Library on the 2nd Wednesday of September, October, November, March and April.  Meetings begin at 11:30am.  In May we have our annual Club Luncheon, in June the Ice Cream Social, and in August our picnic.  In addition we have several special activities throughout the year.  This year we will be having a formal garden tea in May, a bus excursion to Grounds for Sculpture in June and a candlelight garden evening in September – very special events not to be missed!

In addition, our members enjoy monthly programs at each meeting on topics such as flower arranging, floral design, environment and conservation issues, houseplants, gardening, wildlife and much more. As a member you will receive a copy of the Monroe County Garden Club Yearbook and a subscription to the Keystone Gardener (a State publication). 

We encourage guests if you would like to see what we are about. 
Annual dues are $20.   Please contact Robin Teets (rteets@ptd.net or 570 350-8069) for a membership application
or for more information.

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Malus 'Profusion'  (Crabapple)


Pulsatilla Vulgaris 'Red'





Grounds for Sculpture Bus Tour

Our trip to Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton NJ couldn't have been better if we had scripted it  - even though our bus did blow out a tire.  It didn't keep our driver from getting us there in time for our tour, lunch and the rest of a breezy, sunny, 84 degree day full of exploration and wonder of the amazing sculptures at every turn.   Pictures can't begin to capture the beauty and whimsy of these 42 acres, but here are a few.


We're off!!


luckily we had 5 more to drive on.....

                                                                       We started with a tour.                                                         42 Acres filled with amazing sculptures.



                                                    Barb in front of a sculpture                       Joan and Linda
                                                  as colorful as her shirt........




                                     If there's a party Sophia and Teresa are going to find it!                                             Kathleen is outsmiling the Mona



                                                                  Kathleen, Arlene, and Carol                            Tricia "Get a Room!"                   "I think I lost my ring in here"
                                             try to make friends.

                                                                                             Getting all our possessions sorted out.


A big thank you to Bryan.....

Such a fun day!!!!





Are you proud of your garden???


The Monroe County Garden Club is planning its Garden Tour for June 2017.  Do you love your garden?  Would you like to show it off?  We need gardens to show for our tour next year.  We will come and view your garden in the next couple of weeks.

This tour is very popular and the proceeds from it will allow us to send children to Ketttle Creek Conservation Camp each year and award a scholarship to a college bound student.

If you would consider being a part of this very popular tour, please contact Barb Daskel 610 381-6188 or 917 435-4106 (brosen1954@hotmail.com), or Caryl Martino at 201 213-1830 (carylros@ptd.net)  

Also please visit our Facebook page




It’s time to think about next year…


I hope the alliums that were purchased last year are giving you lots of beauty in your garden.  It’s now time to think about adding to your collection of this versatile and easy showstopper.  We will be again offering most of the same varieties we had last year, so if you didn’t buy enough (and they are MUCH better in larger quantities) here is your chance to make a statement!

This year we will also add one variety of daffodil to the order.  Each year we will have one signature variety that will be offered that year only.  This year it is ‘Pheasant  Eyes’ and it is unlike anything you probably have in your garden now. This is a fragrant April/May bloomer that will be sure to charm everyone who sees it.  Be sure to order lots of them because they will not be available from us next year.  

Here are the available varieties and prices:



This year's daffodil selection is 'Pheasant Eyes'

                             10/$9  Bloom time April/May




'Purple Sensation"

$1 each       Bloom time May



$3 each      Bloom time early June



3/$1     Bloom time mid-June



3/$1                  Bloom time early July


$1.25 each     Bloom time July



$1.25 each   Bloom time  late July/August


Please write your selections and quantity on a sheet of paper and pay by check.  You can give it to Robin Teets in person or mail it.  Orders will close on August 15. 

Please note that each variety blooms at a different time so you can have blooms all summer.  Alliums are one of the most rodent and deer resistant plants out there.  They can tolerate some shade but do need a fair amount of sun.   I have found the Schubertii to be somewhat like tulips in that they only last a couple of years before they need to be replaced (but they are SO worth it!)  All the others are very resilient and long lived. All are worthy of a place in your garden.


High tea for the Ladies

On May 27 the members of the garden club were treated to High Tea at the home of Carmen Costolas.   We put on our finest and were treated like royalty in our first ever event of this kind.  The table was filled with all sorts of delicacies including the traditional cucumber sandwiches, and beautiful teapots and real linen napkins adorned every table.  Each attendee received a handmade teabag holder to take as a remembrance of the day.  Carmen gave us a tour (and a lesson) of her lovely garden and particularly her iris collection.   We were very privileged to see the stunning and remarkable flowers that Carmen has collected over the years.  Our first High Tea was a stunning success and I hope it will be an annual event on our calendar.......









                                                           Raised bed vegetable gardening…. in a bale of straw ???   Robin Teets

I never have been a vegetable gardener for many reasons, one of which was just the sheer work of putting one in. I was looking for a way to recycle some straw that I have and a friend told me about making a raised bed with bales of straw. I find the concept interesting and possibly a great solution to some problems endemic to this area. Rocks for one. This is a bed you can put anywhere you have enough sun (even your driveway if you dare!) and rocks are not an issue. You don’t even have to haul in soil. It looks almost too good to be true but I’m giving it a try.

Here is a link to the article and I’ll post pictures as the season goes and let you know how successful it is (or not).

Here is also a short video:

My husband and I started mid-April. Here is the first picture of him putting the fertilizer on the bales. We chose to do a fairly large bed but you don’t have to. In the article is says to put landscape fabric down underneath the bed. Newspaper or cardboard works just as well and is a lot handier. We put some loose straw covered with compost in the middle so we can plant seeds. The tomatoes, peppers and such will go into the bales on the outside. We decided not to do any vining type plants, such as squash and cucumber this year. We found it takes a lot of water to get the bales wet! We will fertilize and water for the next couple of weeks and let it cook……

By the way, I still have some bales of straw if anyone is interested…..



Brad putting on the initial fertilizer


The soaker hose in place..  You can see my assistants, whose job it is to keep the deer and groundhogs away.  

I put the bed inside their enclosure.


We decided to put up a trellis just in case we want some climbing vegetables.


Now we wait for the composting to finish........



We planted our straw garden on May 2 even though that is early by traditional standards. 
The forecast for the next ten days predicted no frosts so we took a chance knowing
that we could cover it if need be.  We put plants in the straw and seeds and onion
and potato sets in the middle.  We also planted herbs on the side.


According to the article I read it is a good sign that the straw is decomposing if you have mushrooms.  We have lots of those!


May 27, 2016


June 14, 2016



One of the projects that we have taken on as a club is the garden at AWSOM - the animal rescue of Monroe County. 

The garden was pretty sad and neglected when we got it but it's on it's way back due to a lot of hard work and a couple truckloads of compost!  Here is the garden in the middle of May, 2016. It will be a couple of years before the perennials planted there look great, but a few annuals help bridge the gap.












The Garden Club had one of its most anticipated events of the year on May 11 with the annual Spring Luncheon. 
It was a celebration of Peacocks and from the decorations down to our clothes we were inspired by the beauty and
elegance of these magnificant creatures.  The lunch committee of Linda Miller, Lisa Gierlich, and Monica Gallagher
astonished us with their attention to detail and creativity.  The hospitality of the Great Bear Golf Resort was amazing
as was the signature drink they make for the occasion. Almost 70 people enjoyed the food, our guest speaker,
Lori Jacobs, a live auction, and an astonishing tricky tray selection.  It was a really fun day!!


Lisa Gierlich, Linda Miller, Carol Akam and Monica Gallagher




Ice Cream Social

                                      Our annual Ice Cream Social is just around the corner. This year, Sophia McGauchie has offered to host this fun
                                      event. If you are interested in going please let Sophia know as soon as possible. I can't think of a better reason
                                      to get together in this hot weather!!! The social will be on July 13 starting at 1 pm. Please carpool if you can
                                      as we always need to be respectful of space in private homes.

                                              Please note.   Right now we have reached the maximum number of people we can accommodate for this event.